Scope and Guidelines

  • The scope of student council is limited to academic and extra curricular activities within the context of the Institute. The student council will be the main student body for these activities.
  • The council will decide which clubs to start, which activities students should participate in, etc. All such decisions must be approved by Dean of Students.
  • Student council will have a say in allocation of budget for student activities.
  • In most matters where student interests are involved, student council will be invited to send a representative to give student’s view.

Cultural Council

The Cultural Council of IIIT Delhi fills the non-academic calendar with zest and colour by organising intra-college cultural fests and events. They take upon themselves the responsibility to give the students opportunities to express and explore their talents and have some fun amidst the highly demanding academic life of IIITD. It is their mission to keep the institute's culture up and intact and fill the college life of students with unforgettable memories.




  • From each UG batch, there are going to be 3 representatives (except BTech 2011 and BTech 2010 batch having 2 representatives).
  • From each MTech batch, there are going to be 2 representatives (except MTech 2012 batch having one representative).
  • Till the time number of PhD students increase to a significant level, PhD collectively will be considered as a batch, and will have 1 representative.
  • Any student representative must have a CGPA of 7.0 or above.
  • Student coordinators for identified activity clubs – students will select in consultation with the Dean.


  • Every year, the elections will be held in the month of March in even semester. The newly elected council will take charge at the end of even semester, i.e. in the month of April.
  • Term of a student council member is 1 year, and may be re-elected at most once more.


  • Each meeting will be coordinated by one of the members, who will be suggested by the council, and will be rotated. The coordinator will write and circulate the minutes of the meeting.
  • Dean of student affairs will be the Patron of this council and a permanent invitee to all meetings; he/she may nominate some faculty member or staff for this.
  • Minutes of all meetings of the student council will be recorded, and sent to all members and invitees.