Student Representatives

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Name Position of Responsibility Email ID Batch and Branch
Yuvraj Singh President BTech 2020 CSE
Jayan Pahuja Treasurer BTech 2020 CSE
Aabhas Chaddha Clubs Coordinator BTech 2021 CSSS
Ankush Gupta Clubs Coordinator BTech 2021 CSE
Jatin Kumar Sharma DAC Representative BTech 2020 CSAI
Devaprasanth B Mess Coordinator MTech 2023 ECE
Abhinav Arvind Mess Coordinator BTech 2021 CSB
Tanishqa Shital Singh Head of Communications BTech 2020 CSD
Harshit Giri Hostel Coordinator BTech 2021 ECE
Akanksha Singal Well Being Coordinator BTech 2021 CSE
Aarav Balachandran Alumni Coordinator BTech 2021 CSD
Manav Mittal Webmaster BTech 2021 CSAI
Manas Agarwal Member BTech 2020 CSSS
Akshat Member BTech 2020 ECE
Sarthak Kumar Member BTech 2020 ECE
Vaibhav Jaiswal Member BTech 2020 CSB
Akshat Kumar Member BTech 2021 CSAM
Monika Singh Member BTech 2021 ECE
Jessica Kaur Chawla Member BTech 2022 CSAM
Riya Gupta Member BTech 2022 CSB
Sneha Agarwal Member BTech 2022 CSD
Mudit Bansal Member BTech 2022 CSE
Aditi Sharma Member BTech 2022 CSE
Raghav Wadhwa Member BTech 2022 ECE
Mridul Goel Member BTech 2022 CSSS
Pranav Kapoor Member BTech 2022 EVE
Vikranth Udandarao Member BTech 2022 CSAI
Dhruv Jaiswal Member BTech 2023 CSAM
Manya Grover Member BTech 2023 CSD
Rohan Jindal Member BTech 2023 CSE
Sai Harshita Adivi Member BTech 2023 CSE
Vaishnavi Srivastava Member BTech 2023 CSSS
Janya Gupta Member BTech 2023 ECE
Nadish Gulati Member BTech 2023 EVE
Aditya Bhandari Member BTech 2023 CSAI
Shivansh Member BTech 2023 CSB
Mohit Rathod Member MTech 2022 CSE
Nooreen Member MTech 2022 CSE
Nishant Kumar Member PhD CB