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Astronuts is the astronomy club of IIIT Delhi. Together we try to keep alive the passion towards the stars in our college. We frequently organise observation sessions such as Open Telescopes and excursions to places with low light pollution. We help students in our college explore the realm of Astrophotography, Model-Rocketry and theoretical astrophysics.

Shrikant Garg


The music society of IIIT Delhi.

Sumit Raj
Dashmesh Singh
Ritoma Sen
Arundhati Bhattacharya


Biobytes aims to promote and work in fields of computational biology and data science by providing exposure to real-life problems related to biology/healthcare.

Hemant Dhankar
Gavish Gupta
Smiti Chhabra


Byld is the software development club of IIIT D which aims to bring together the developer community and maintain a high standard of development through variety of events like tech talks, hackathons and other unique competitions.

Aman Mehra
Aniket Pradhan
Raghav Dev Kukreti
Lakshya A Agrawal


It’s the Robotics Club of the Institute. Our work consists of creating both hardware as well as software solutions. We are focused on developing algorithms which derive new possibilities with a limited set of hardware in an adverse environment.

Paras Sharma
Dipanshu Aggarwal


We are a group of security enthusiasts with an aim to widen the knowledge of computer security amongst people in India.

Abhishek Pratap Singh
Pragyan Mehrotra
Sanyam Agrawal


Electroholics is a group of hardware enthusiasts from IIIT-Delhi. We believe in the spirit of creativity and open knowledge, and using these to make awesome things.

Mayank Rawat
Setu Gupta
Madhur Kumar
Mudit Aggarwal
Tarini Sharma


Évariste is the Maths Club of IIITD. The club organises activities like Zero Prerequisite Contests (ZPT), Speed Proving Tournaments (SPT), and Theory Talks. The main aim of the club is to promote Pure Maths and Theoretical Computer Science among students, as well as to have fun while doing so.

Himanshu Vashisht
Raghav Gupta
Mudit Aggarwal


Finance club of IIITD for all the people enamored by the financial world. We discuss investment opportunities, and trading strategies in stocks and financial derivatives which we try in our personal stock portfolio.

Rachit Bhayana
Samik Prakash


The aim of FooBar is to encourage Competitive Programming at our college and develop a very active culture of CP, where everyone can learn from each other. To achieve this, we organize regular events like CodeClasses and ProSorts.

Tanmay Bansal
Prakhar Gupta
Raghav Gupta
Shubhi Singhal
Vrinda Narayan

GirlUp Udaan

Founded by the UN Foundation in 2010, Girl Up helps womxn reach their full potential by advancing their skills, rights, and opportunities. It works to eliminate gender-based violence, propel the education of womxn, improve the representation of womxn in STEM and sports, and promote equality of the genders. It works through a community of Girl Up clubs and campuses. Udaan is an active member of this community.

Pragya Sikka
Riya Sogani
Sushmita Vavilala


IEEE is a global organization that works towards technological development and it's implementation. IEEE IIITD seeks to harness the talent of young engineers who have an indomitable zeal to design, create & innovate. It's responsible for all Students Activities & Networking under IEEE at IIIT Delhi.

Gitansh Raj Satija
Aryan Taneja
Saksham Gupta
Srijan Jain


One of the largest clubs at IIIT-Delhi, home to all literary enthusiasts, with a plethora of events and activities related to everything literary, be it debating, poetry, books, anime, storytelling and more.

Rohan Hiranandani


Machaan is a place where theater aficioanados meet. We at Machaan believe that drama is an art which only a few possess but has a tremendous power of changing the society, it is a constructive force which when used right, can do wonders! We conduct theater and street plays along with drama workshops and aim to make the life here at IIIT-D stress-free.

Shayna Malik
Pritish Gulati
Srishti Singh


MadToes is the Dance society of IIIT Delhi. Great dancers are not great because of their techniques, they are great because of their passion! Our club MadToes nourishes the same.

Aneesha Lakra
Medhavi Sabherwal
Yashwin Agarwal


Meraki is the arts club of the college. Bound together with love for art, the Meraki kids are a closely-knit family. We will provide you with a perfect platform to showcase your artistic potentials and to learn many new art forms.

Smera Goel
Paritosh Shukla
Yatharth Taneja


Our aim is to present fashion as a medium of expression for students. We host a bunch of events to promote fashion knowledge in our college and the students' sense of individuality.

Ira Aggarwal
Sonali Supriya


The Photography Club of IIITD, where not only are we united by our passion for photography but also try to create opportunities for us to grow as photographers. A place to talk about creativity in photographs and also a place to share your amazing masterpieces.

Manan Gupta
Pratham Gupta

The 65th Square

Inculcate chess culture in college. Organize regular tournaments in various time formats such as rapid, blitz and bullet. Introduce variants of chess such as Supply, Anti-chess, Chess960. Conduct monthly challenges on our Instagram page.

Tathagat Pal
Vishesh Agrawal
Mudit Aggarwal
Tanmay Garg


We promote the culture and spirit of quizzing at IIIT Delhi by conducting both Intra and Inter-College Quizzes on a wide range of topics. We are open and do not have any membership criteria. If the topic interests you, you are welcome to join and participate. If you want to host a quiz in a topic of your choice, let us know!

Raunak Mokhasi
Samik Prakash
Ashmit Dassi


We are Virtuality, the XR club of IIIT Delhi! We love to celebrate those motivated to work in AR/VR and would help everyone get into AR/VR dev! Expect plenty of opportunities like seminars and hackathons to hone your skills. We’d love to share your cool project on our page with everyone!

Himanshu Bansal
Udhvarg Chaturvedi
Arunesh Singh

Women in Tech

We are a close-knit community of women at IIITD with the aim to provide access to a better network, opportunities and a support system. Through women in tech, we want to garner an ecosystem where all the women grow stronger and help their fellow peers grow with them.

Angel Walia
Ayushi Srivastava
Ria Gupta
Vrinda Narayan
Bhavya Chopra