Student Representatives

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Name Position of Responsibility Email ID Batch and Branch
Pritish Wadhwa President BTech 2019 CSE
Gitansh Raj Satija Treasurer BTech 2019 CSE
Shubham Rao Clubs Coordinator BTech 2020 ECE
Neev Swarnakar Clubs Coordinator BTech 2020 CSD
Sambhav Jain DAC Representative BTech 2019 CSD
Jayan Pahuja Mess Coordinator BTech 2020 CSE
Rishit Saharan Mess Coordinator BTech 2019 CSSS
Daksh Laur Head of Communications BTech 2020 ECE
Anuj Yadav Hostel Coordinator BTech 2020 CSAM
Ayush Kumar Singh Well Being Coordinator BTech 2020 CSE
Samarth Raina Alumni Coordinator BTech 2020 CSSS
Ritesh Panwar Webmaster BTech 2019 CSSS
Saksham Gupta Member BTech 2019 ECE
Tanuj Rana Member BTech 2019 ECE
Ayush Goyal Member BTech 2019 CSAM
Kumud Tayal Member BTech 2019 CSB
Mudit Gupta Member BTech 2020 CSAI
Ujjwal Rastogi Member BTech 2020 CSB
Chirag Madaan Member BTech 2021 ECE
Ayush Tiwari Member BTech 2021 ECE
Aditya Girdhar Member BTech 2021 CSE
Yash Yadav Member BTech 2021 CSE
Nalish Jain Member BTech 2021 CSAI
Abhijay Tiwari Member BTech 2021 CSB
Aman Ranjan Member BTech 2021 CSSS
Manan Chugh Member BTech 2021 CSD
Digvijay Member BTech 2021 CSAM
Piyush Narula Member BTech 2022 CSAI
Nishchay Yadav Member BTech 2022 CSE
Aarzoo Member BTech 2022 CSE
Nikita Bhatia Member BTech 2022 CSAM
Aditri Paweria Member BTech 2022 CSD
Pranshu Goel Member BTech 2022 CSSS
Grishma Bellani Member BTech 2022 CSB
Dharmender Member BTech 2022 CSB
Shubham Gupta Member BTech 2022 ECE
Vaibhav Singh Member BTech 2022 EVE
Khyati Patni Member MTech 2021 CB
Shashank Rustagi Member MTech 2021 CSE
Shivam Pandey Member MTech 2022 CSE
Abhishek Mishra Member MTech 2022 ECE
Sagnik Chatterjee Member PhD
Sayantan Roy Member PhD
Alok Anand Member PhD
Bushra Ansari Member PhD
Shyama Sastha K S Member PhD
Yatharth Taneja Mentor BTech 2019 CSD
Yashika Singh Mentor BTech 2020 CSE
Aanya Trehan Mentor BTech 2020 CSSS